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Our Pet Annual Wellness Plans (PAW Plans) provides you with proactive care for your dog or cat at a discounted price. Visit our Annual Wellness Plans page to find out how signing up for a dog or cat wellness plan, can help keep your furry family member healthy and thriving.

West Valley Veterinary Clinic located in West Valley City, Utah, is a full-service small animal veterinary hospital. Our veterinary doctors are happy to serve the dogs and cats of West Valley. West Valley’s doctors and skilled staff are committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your dog, cat or other small animal companion.

In order to provide your pet with the latest veterinary medicine, our small animal clinic is equipped with progressive technology and services aimed to help in early detection and the treatment of various diseases as your pet ages. We provide an extensive list of primary care services including an in-house lab and pharmacy with vaccinations and tick and flea control medications, dentistry, spaying and neutering, x-rays, and ultrasounds.

Here at West Valley, we are proud to offer your pet companion acupuncture services. Acupuncture can be beneficial in relaxing your pet, helping with skin allergies, and even provides respiratory and nervous system health benefits. Along with our extensive range of medical services, we also offer cat and dog behavioral counseling, as well as boarding.

The veterinarians and staff here at West Valley highly recommend microchip ID for all of your pets in order to provide you with a way to find your furry loved ones should they be lost. We are continually updating our veterinary services to provide you with exceptional care and are proud to offer Pet Portals to our clients who have provided us with e-mail addresses. To manage your pet’s health online, you can now request appointments, prescription refills, verify vaccine status, and upload a photo of your pet into your account.

If you are looking for exceptional veterinary service and a caring and compassionate staff, we invite you to join our family. Make an appointment online, or give us a call at the number listed above. Feel free to email us any questions, concerns, or comments, as well as check out our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Congratulations to our photo contest winners Beau Doggy Montoya and Ankhesnamun Waters. They sure know how to steal the spotlight!

Special recognition to our furry friends Misty, Kameron, and Tiffany Hubert, Samson Schaab, Chewy Pitta, Daisy, Otis and Rusty Short, Connor Singh, Bailey Talerico, "J" and Mitzy Nicklaus, Buster Bear Jacobs, Minnie Larson, Tugg Larsen, Cookie Marshall, Missy Lesieur, Nick Hayes, Dodger Buckley, Cookie Madsen, Oliver and Joey Daniels!

Dental Care Services

50% of all dogs and cats have some form of periodontal disease. Left untreated, this can cause infection, pain and tooth loss. We are committed to our patients' dental health and implement the highest quality care. Read More >


We know that your pet is part of your family, so you can be assured that they are well taken care of when they stay with us. Read More >

Preventive Pet Care

Monitoring your pet’s health is important. Early detection and correction of medical problems will help to ensure that your pet will love a long, healthy and active life. Read More >