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At West Valley Veterinary Clinic we will do our very best to make your pet's stay with us a happy and comfortable experience. We will take care of your pet and their needs as if they were our own. West Valley Veterinary Clinic staffers are highly experienced and trained to care for your pet and to report any problems to the attending doctors.

Even with the best care, boarding can be stressful because your pet is in a new environment and its routines and habits are interrupted. Stress is minimized at West Valley Veterinary Clinic by expert staff, attentiveness and proper handling, and strict cleanliness. To eliminate the spread of disease, all boarding pets are required to be current on vaccinations, protecting your pet from sick pets. Additionally, we require a fecal test to be completed 10 days prior to boarding. Despite the precautions we take, it is still possible for problems to occur.

If any problem, such as decreased appetite, loose stool, or vomiting, should occur, it will be detected by our experienced caregivers. At West Valley Veterinary Clinic a doctor is nearby to handle small problems, hopefully before they escalate into large ones. If problems develop and are persistent, our kennel assistants may ask for a doctor to examine your pet at the cost of a physical exam. If the doctor feels that treatment is necessary, you will be contacted by phone and any additional treatments will first be authorized. If we are unable to contact you and the doctor feels there are serious problems, your pet will be treated and normal fees will be charged. It is very important that you leave a contact number so we can reach you in an emergency or to pre-approve any potential treatments.

We want to make sure that your pet receives his/her proper food and medications while boarding with us. Please bring all medications and special foods your pet is currently taking. Please print and fill out this form and bring it with you when you bring your pet for a boarding visit: Boarding Medications.

Please call or contact us today to learn more about our boarding services, specials, and complimentary add-ons.

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